Capitol Gain Tax Deferral System


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Selling your property, business or other capital asset without the right advice can be very risky, for two reasons:

1. The property and business owners are often surprised to learn that their tax obligation when they decide to sell may be even higher than the current 20% federal capital gains tax rate, state rate and the additional 3.8% Net Investment Income Tax brought on by the Affordable Care Act;

2. It is critical to have a well-crafted tax strategy in place, unnecessary taxes that are being paid will eat away a significantly greater portion of your profits.

On the other hand the tax code is 70,000-pages long and is packed with tax benefits that past Congresses and State Legislatures have put on the books. The problem is that most business people have no idea these benefits exist, and no idea how to find them.

Watch this video monologue where Stan Crow, President of S.Crow Collateral Corp., describes, in detail, the mechanics of how this planning approach works:

Stan Crow Monologue

Here are the steps involved to accomplish tax deferral.

Executive Summary

Check out this memorandum it has the same status as a Private Letter Ruling.

IRS Memorandum

The M453 IRS Ruling is also contained on Stan’s website under.

Publications: M453 IRS Ruling

In 2004 this $1.6 Billion dollar sale took place.

OfficeMax Timberland Sale

This document discusses Step Transactions, Substance over Form, Economic Substance and more.

A Conversation with a Tax Advisor about Tax Doctrines

The first Collateralize Installment Sale, the Ranchers Story.

The Rancher Story

Paul Hunt is a trust attorney in Alameda, he has thoroughly researched the monetized installment sale tax planning approach and is available to advise you on the appropriateness of this method for your situation. His standard fee would apply.

Paul Hunt – Web-Site

Bruce Jones the president of TaxWealth in Newport Beach. Bruce has been working with Stan for 9 years and is the person who introduced me to this deferral approach. Attached is a synopsis of his company as well as his professional profile. You can also visit his website at: 

Bruce Jones – Linkedin

TaxWealth – Web-Site

Tax Wealth Insights online event is hosted twice a week, Tuesdays at 10:00 AM Pacific and Thursdays at 1:30 PM Pacific.

Insights Registration

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Capitol Gain Tax Deferral System


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