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Tips & Tricks for Selling you Inherited Home

California Probates and Probate Real Estate

Working with California Probate Law

    • Probate Real Estate Specialist.
    • You Need Probate Real Estate Handled Wisely, Patiently & Efficiently.
    • You Need Probate Real Estate Handled.
  • Wisely, Patiently & Efficiently.house2

As a professional Realtor representing The Public Administrator of Contra Costa County for the past 16 years, Chuck Barberini Real Estate has brought an unrivaled level of expertise, value and intelligence to over 100 successful probate transactions.

Selling a piece of property that is in probate is complex and time-consuming and can come with a lot of pitfalls.  With California probate proceedings ranging from eight months to as long as several years, often involving a number of people. This often includes lawyers, judges, family members, estate executors, conservators, appraisers, lenders, and more. A probate real estate specialists need to be well informed, flexible, patient, networked and excel in communications and people skills.

In fact, selling a property that is part of probate proceedings requires a level of expertise and knowledge about county laws, legal procedures and time frames, that most real estate agents do not have.

Let Us Ease The Burden:

  • Knowledgeable & experienced with California Probate Code, Trust Sales, court-directed and non-directed sales, mandate disclosure requirements & offers.
  • Timing & Regulations of court forms.
  • IAEA
  • Processing Probate Documents.
  • Reduce workload Streamlined communication Handing of the offer process and subsequent paperwork.

“Tips & Tricks For Selling Your Inherited Home” is a book that I wrote to help guide you through this process that can be tough on entire families. In it I break down the legal aspects, the best strategies, prepping the home and even dealing with uncooperative family members.

It doesn’t have to be a bumpy ride through this process if you’re fully prepared. Selling an estate also differs slightly then selling a regular home. I’ll take you through that.

Get a free copy and be prepared to make the right choices after the loss of a loved one. Send me  my free copy of “Tips & Tricks For Selling Your Inherited Home”

“As a professional Realtor for almost 20 years, I’ve worked for several companies and for many different brokers. I’ve continued to work diligently to nurture and support my network of clients – buyers and sellers, real estate colleagues, investors, and other professionals in related fields. I prefer to work hard and focus on these relationships rather than just on the transaction. And that philosophy has contributed to my success through the dramatic ups and downs of the real estate market over the past decade.”

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CA Probates – Probate Real Estate

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